Please bring your own gear however we can provide cameras and lenses if you would like to use them. Most brands can be covered however there may be additional fees for exotic and unusual equipment.

Tim uses Profoto flash and will fully train you on how to use it, the principles remain the same for most other flash and can be transferred to other brands.

Content & Respect

Tim will provide interesting talent to shoot however it is primarily a portrait studio so we don't do nudes or risqué stuff, we leave that to others. The talent we use are professional and we insist that everyone is treated with respect, Tim's studio is a safe and inclusive workspace where everyone is welcome.

The House Rules-

  • Do not touch or handle talent.
  • Direct talent in a respectful and courteous way.
  • Refer the people by their preferred name.
  • Give people time and space to shoot.
  • Take turns and play nice.
  • Listen to direction from Tim and his team.
  • Have fun and learn.


You will be given a safety brief on how to operate equipment but always remember the following-

  1. Cables are a hazard, watch out for them.
  2. Lights on stands are easily knocked over, be careful when moving about.
  3. Make sure when you put gear down it is not going to roll off the table.
  4. If you don't know how to work something please ask.
  5. Some lights get hot, test before touching.


All images are yours to use as you please however the agreements we have with talent are that they are for self promotion only and may not be sold or used commercially without a release from the talent. If you wish to use the images commercially we will put you in touch with the talents agent or representative.

Course Cancellation

In the event that a course does not go ahead a full refund will be issued or a place offered on an alternative date.

If you need to cancel please give a minimum of forty-eight hours notice, we reserve the right to charge a 50% fee otherwise.

Can I bring my own talent?

Yes you can, as long as you keep within our house rules there is no problem.