Studio Portraits

Learn how to photograph people the Bauer way

About this experience

This course is suitable for people with basic photography skill through to advanced. If you know how to use the manual mode and charge settings like ISO, aperture and shutter speed you are good to go!

Tim will instruct you with a hands on workshop covering the following-

  • Lens Selection - what lenses work best for your specific shot ideas.

  • Natural Light-how light falls and how to achieve the look you want.

  • Studio Flash-how to use Profoto studio flash, what light shapers work best and how to mix ambient and flash.

  • Diffusing and bouncing light-master how to use reflectors and recognise best practice methods of diffusing light.

  • Exposure-how to shoot for highlight and shadow areas and how to exposure your image correctly.

  • Directing-how to communicate effectively with your subject to get the most out of them and put them at ease.

  • Styling-working with different backgrounds and lighting to achieve the looks and mood you want.

  • Workflow-using both Captureone and Lightroom

This is a hands on shooting workshop so expect to come away with some fantastic shots to start building your portfolio. Expect to shoot three different setups on the day and end with a workflow tutorial.

Your Host

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Tim has decided to share his knowledge and studio with those who want to learn the skills that will enable them to realize their own artistic vision and fast track their photographic journey. Hobbyist, professional or student, there is a program that will suit every level.